vibes tv

A Brainchild of Sabrina Harris, Vibes TV is a YouTube channel that showcases performing artists, Creative DIY’s and just random things that happen at Vibes since the pandemic.  There is always something happening when there is a VIBE!!! Check out the videos! 


Filmed in DC, dope artists with a equally dope song.


The Band is how it all began

Just before Covid hit, we were working with more bands to show and this one was awesome!

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Vlog Personality

Being Deaf/Hard of Hearing, I am only as good as my equipment and in preparation to go to DC, I had some issues. Check out the video!!!

Phennix Spits

I am the epitome of RB2_ Right Brain to the 2 power. I love to be creative and this video shows my poetic side! The reason that Vibes is more than just about Visual Arts is because, I am a creative of many talents and gifts. Get to know me, through this video!!