to the Sabrina Bougie Styles!  We design and collaborate, plan fashion related events and support the philanthropic mission of Right Brain 2.  

Interested in an apprenticeship?  Contact us to at 

Sabrina @Vibesalisbury.com.


Sabrina Harris, Owner


Fashion imitates life. I often say that you can tell a lot about a person when you look at what they choose to wear to different occasions in their life. I love fashion! I love wearing it and creating it. I am Sabrina, the owner of Sabrina Bougie Styles. 

Vibes gives me the opportunity to share my passion for fashion and help others in their journey to grow, learn and create fashion that imitates life.

To schedule an appointment for consultation please send an email to Sabrina@VibeSalisbury.com 


Our Goal

Vibes is committed to being an Art incubator that cultivates, develops and assists new artists with establishing enriching careers through  opportunities for exhibition and community engagement. 

Vibes , The Premier Creative Arts Incubator is Salisbury's newest creative hub for fashion and accessory designers in Rowan County and beyond. Whether you are looking for a space to collaborate with other creatives, looking for a place to exhibit your collection or just trying to spice up your vibe, we welcome you to come by and take a look around. Here at Vibes, our professional team will meet you where you are on your journey and help you reach your goals through informative discussion, hands on making, community engagement and activism. Our goal is to help you succeed.