Good Vibes Program


Giving Good Vibes

is a 501c3 nonprofit organization program developed to provide affordable access to the Arts  to low income communities as a means for expression and healing.

“GOOD VIBES” is an integral part of our strategic plan to provide marginalized communities in and around Rowan County with access to the arts not only through creative opportunity, but also through investment and capital markets related to the growing Creative Economy.

What's Happening

Airing Out the Dirty Laundry


an ongoing community art movement that responds to the silencing of women* by creating opportunities and space for women to share and reveal experiences of strength, hope, unity, and resistance of oppression, injustice, and exclusion through visual storytelling.

These stories are collected and then joined together on laundry clotheslines in installations throughout our community.

Each story has a top layer that flows freely and is meant to be lifted as an INVITATION to the viewer to ENGAGE in and reveal the story underneath.

Let’s continue joining our voices together and engaging our communities in dialogue about equity and social justice.

* cis women, trans women, women identifying, and non binary people

Photos by Erin Brighton

Postcard graphic design by Karen Spears

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